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Pick and Save Zambia Limited (Incorporation)

Pick and Save Zambia Limited is a duly registered private company under the Patents and Companies Registration Authority (PACRA) Office of Zambia. The firm yearns to build a clientele base by offering best Prices of essential commodities on the Zambian market.

Our main priority is to promote economic and social development through Retail and Wholesale of essential commodities and/or goods. We create an enabling business environment for retail and wholesale growth. This includes direct investment through the creation of jobs in the retail sector in particular. 

What we do

We supply a very affordable assortment of essential commodities and/or goods to the general public.

Our Mission

At Pick and Save Zambia Limited, we endeavor to offer value for money to our esteemed customers by supplying an assortment of very affordable essential commodities and/or goods.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred retail and wholesale store, and market leader in quality delivery.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Revitalize the retail and wholesale sector at the lowest total economic, financial, social and environmental cost consistent with national development goals of sustained growth employment generation and poverty reduction as articulated in the FNDP and Zambia Vision 2030.

Contribute to national Growth Domestic Product (GDP) by enhancing infrastructure and enterprise development in Kitwe’s Mindolo Township and Zambia as a whole.

Provide employment opportunities for the skilled, semi-skilled and casual workers through direct and indirect job opportunities.

Contribute revenue to the Government and the Local Authority through payment of corporate taxes, rates, and personal levy.